How long will it take to receive my order?

All standard backdrops will ship out 3-5 business days after your order has been confirmed and payment has been received. This processing time is based on normal business days and excludes all national holidays. As soon as your photography backdrop ships you will receive the UPS tracking number via email.

** Please keep in mind that our Processing Time is not the “Turnaround Time” and does not include shipping. Shipping will vary depending on your location.**

About The Backdrops

What is the difference in Backdrop Materials?

We have recently outlined each different backdrop material that we offer. Including the pro's and con's to each. You can find that article HERE.

What sizes do you offer?

All of our sizes and pricing should be visible to the right-hand side of each listing page; right under the title but just in case, for some reason, your screen looks different than ours, here are the sizes and prices just for you.

4' x 5' - $75.00
5' x 7' - $120.00
8' x 8' - $250.00
8' x 10' - $300.00
8' x 12’ - $350.00

4' x 4' - $45.00
4' x 5' - $65.00
4' x 6' - $85.00
4' x 7' - $105.00
4' x 8' - $125.00
4' x 10' - $145.00

2' x 3' - $25.00
3' x 3' - $35.00
4' x 5' - $55.00
5' x 5' - $65.00
6' x 4' - $75.00
7' x 7' - $125.00
7' x 8' - $135.00
8' x 8' - $145.00
8' x 9' - $155.00

** These prices do not reflect shipping costs. **

If you’d like a size different than the ones listed above, just shoot us a message and we will do our very best to accommodate! 

How do I hang my backdrop?

There are several ways to hang a photography backdrop. The three most popular are:

1. Backdrop Clamps are one of the most popular ways to hang Photography Backdrops.

2. Pole Pockets are another great way to hang your Photography Backdrop. Each of our listings has the option to add a pole pocket.

3. Grommets, although not one of the more ‘professional’ ways to hang your backdrop, are great for a quick fix if you are using your Photography Backdrop as the background of a candy table or the like. You can add grommets to any order for free by including the request in the order notes.

What size should I buy?

Oh is this ever a popular question. Unfortunately, this is a question that we can’t necessarily answer for you. What we can do, however, is reference this awesome little Size Guide that we have to hopefully help you decide which photography backdrop will work best for you.

What does Orientation mean?

Orientation is another a very common question we receive from our customers which is why we created this little Orientation Guide to help explain it.