Which Photography Backdrop Material Is Best For Me?

We are now offering our Photography Backdrops in three different materials! Each different material offers different benefits. In the article below, we will explain some of the pros and cons to each to help you determine which Photography Backdrop material might work best for your needs.


Wrinkle Free Photography Backdrops


Wrinkle Free Fabric

Now this is our personal favorite. No more wrinkles! Our brand new Wrinkle Free Fabric material is the next generation in photography backdrops. Simply clamp and pull tight for a totally smooth and glare free finish! Quickly change out backdrops by tossing one to the side. No rolling or storing. Simply fold and stack for easy storage and transporting. Not only are these backdrops wrinkle free but they are also glare free! It doesn’t get much better than this folks! They’re also super easy to clean! After you finish a session, just toss the soiled backdrop in the wash (make sure to wash on a gentle cycle and air dry) and voila! All clean! Now, the Wrinkle Free Fabric material is not quite as economical as the Matte Vinyl or Poly Paper, however, it’s by far the best investment. If you’re looking to expand your photography studio, or perhaps start a photography business, this is certainly the material for you. They will last forever and what more could you want than a wrinkle free, glare free, durable backdrop?


Poly Paper Photography Backdrops


Poly Paper

Our Poly Paper Photography Backdrops are a lightweight but durable material that is really not paper at all but a heavier poly coated material similiar in weight to a heavy magazine cover – with a totally matte finish! This material is fantastic for parties, dessert tables, etc. The only minor ‘con’ to this material is that it’s not as long-lasting as the Matte Vinyl or Wrinkle Free Fabric. If properly cared for, it can last a good length of time especially if it’s stored rolled up and in a shipping tube. Our Poly Paper Photography Backdrops as well as our Wrinkle Free pair very well as backdrops with our Matte Vinyl as the floor drop.


Matte Vinyl Photography Backdrops


Matte Vinyl

Our 13 oz Matte Vinyl Photography Backdrop material is definitely the most economical. They are not only durable and long lasting, but also waterproof and incredibly easy to clean! Now THAT is good news to anyone’s ears. The major downside to vinyl is that unless you are experienced in using vinyl backdrops there can be a bit of a glare. However, this is fairly easy to overcome with the proper information. If you’re thinking about purchasing one of our Matte Vinyl Photography Backdrops, make sure and read this article that explains the best way to photograph this material. The Matte Vinyl material is also fantastic as a floor drop. Since they are so durable and easy to clean they make fantastic floors. You don’t have to worry about a glare that way either!


We have recently upgraded our Matte Vinyl material to a much higher grade vinyl that is even more durable and has almost no glare whatsoever! If you are in need of a Floor Drop or something for a cake smash that needs to be able to be cleaned up easily and withstand any foot traffic, this is the material for you!

Well, we hope this article was helpful and make sure and shoot us an email if you have any further questions on Photography Backdrop materials!