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Kissing at the altar, the first dance, bridal party… we are familiar with these classic wedding photo ideas. But as a professional photographer, you have to distinguish yourselves from others in the industry, it is important for you get those special shots that stand out. There are many challenges to a successful wedding photography and it can be a stressful day even for most experienced photographers.

In this post, we will give out some of the best photography ideas for wedding, birthdays and other parties. We believe that successful wedding photography is all about telling the story through a series of photographs. So, begin with clicking wonderful images from the preparation for the big day. When the bride is in the final stages of her preparations, you can take a simple shot portraying her having her make-up applied.

Candid photographs, such as photos of bride when she is having her hair done, are an important part of the shot list. These photographs will add good details to the story and stands out in the album. Make sure to take as many pictures as possible in the natural light settings as they will give great results. Always keep in mind that the wedding day can be technically challenging as there are no second chances. Therefore, think of the overall story – look for shots of parents, guests and bridesmaids and add them to the story’s description.

Besides all the decorations, loot bags, games, cake, food, and fun, photographers also play an important role in birthday parties. Photography ideas for birthdays have been playing a prominent role in the recent years. Birthday parties always present one with a lot of interaction, colour, energy and also emotions – highs and lows of life are presented. However, children’s parties can be chaotic because of the moving subjects, lots of clutter.

Dessert Table Photography Backdrop

As a professional photographer, always know the party plan. Ensure to know every detail about the shots parents look forward to – blowing candles, eating cakes, opening presents etc. Capture the decorated tables, balloons, and presents before the party begins. Do not forget to capture true emotions and interactions between friends and family. When you are taking the kid’s picture, always remember to get down on their level. You will realize how different the world looks in their eyes.

Parties always present an opportunity to experiment with different techniques. Regardless of which technique you try, events provide you a great platform to enhance your photography skills as a professional photographer. The beauty of photography is that you will make others feel good and happy along the way.

Perfect Summer Day Photography Backdrop

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