Drops and Props is your one-stop-shop for the highest quality Photography Backdrops available. Imaginative photography backdrops, crisp, classic photography backdrops, and modern designs, awesome pricing, superior and personal customer service, and huge selection are just a few of the reasons we are THE go-to shop for a quickly growing list of studios and photographers.

The success of your photography career depends on how you are able to capitalize on “What’s New” and “What’s Next”. Photography demands creativity and as a professional photographer, you need to make sure that you are able to inject newness in whatever theme you choose and whatever story you want to depict. Creative photography reflects a story that may have diverse interpretations, leaving the observer to exercise his/her imagination to come to a conclusion. At Drops & Props, we understand this very simple truth and that’s why we are consistently introducing new photography backdrop designs that will help you create amazing stories and capture the delight on your subjects’ faces.

Here we present some of our newest and most popular designs that may fuel your imaginations:

  1. Cotton Field: This design was actually submitted by one of our wonderful customers! She was looking for a specific design so she went and captured exactly what she wanted, allowing us to turn her vision into a reality.Cotton Field Photography Backdrop
  2. White Bokeh: This backdrop generates a thrilling, mysterious, and romantic appeal that you can successfully utilize to create, say for example, one of those ‘twilight’ ambiences.White Bokeh Photography Backdrop
  3. Spring is in the Air:  Life blooms when spring touches it. With ‘spring’ as a backdrop, you can really create a fairy-tale with young hearts.Spring is in the Air Photography Backdrop
  4. Adventure: Boasting a bright appeal with a harmonious combination of green and white, this backdrop depicts the call of the wild with a sporty appeal. It’s a perfect backdrop for creating a story with young, energetic minds.Adventure Photography Backdrop
  5. Under the Sea: Set in a perfect aqua blue hue, this backdrop boasts a mysterious unexplained-unexplored aura. Complement it with a little mermaid subject and you end up creating a magical charm.Under the Sea Photography Backdrop

Want to know our next 5 best picks? No, we leave it up to you to decide on the next 5 best arrivals. Browse through our New Arrivals section and prepare your own list of our best photography backdrops. Build a castle with your imaginations and explore endless possibilities. Let the ‘unthinkable’ win over the ‘obvious’ and let your backdrops harmonize with the subject and tell a story that inspires, enchants, and creates a wonderful memory. We are waiting to hear from you!

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