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Frequently Asked Questions

We now offer 4 different backdrop options! Poly Paper, Matte Vinyl, Wrinkle Free Fabric and Newborn Posing Fabric. We offer only the best to our customers! Each type of backdrop offers different benefits. Ask us if you have any questions!


Our Poly Paper Backdrops, which are a lightweight but durable material that is really not paper at all but a heavier poly coated material similiar in weight to a heavy magazine cover – with a totally matte finish!

Poly Paper is lighter in weight than vinyl but is still water resistant, scratch resistant and virtually tear-proof.

Poly Paper Photography Backdrops


Our 13 oz matte finish scrim vinyl is not only durable and long lasting, but is also waterproof and easy to clean! Now THAT is good news to anyone’s ears.

Also water and scratch resistant – virtually tear-proof – great for easy handling and hanging. Vinyl is an excellent choice for floor drops!

Matte Vinyl Photography Backdrops


No more wrinkles! Our new Wrinkle Free Fabric Photography Backdrops are the next generation in backdrops. Simply clamp and pull tight for a smooth finish! Quickly change out backdrops by tossing one to the side. No rolling or storing. Simply fold and stack for easy storage and transporting. Not only are these backdrops wrinkle free but they are also glare free! It doesn’t get much better than this folks!

Fabric Care: Our Wrinkle Free Fabric Photography Backdrops are water resistant and can be gently spot cleaned using a lightly dampened soft cloth (clean with water only & do not scrub). To remove wrinkles or creases in fabric backdrop, pop in the dryer for 10 minutes just prior to using. Some dryers may require more time (15-20 minutes).

Wrinkle Free Fabric Photography Backdrops

Please refer to the Processing Time for each product as they will vary considerably. Processing Times are located in the details section of each listing. We are human so we do have to keep normal business hours and days. And we are closed for all major holidays. I know, ridiculous right?

** Processing Time is not the “Turnaround Time” and does not include shipping. Shipping will vary greatly depending on your location.**

Please refer to our UPS Shipping Map to help determine approximately how long it will take your backdrop to reach you.

Drops & Props ships ONLY to the contiguous US. We apologize for the inconvenience.

UPS Shipping Map

When you are ready to checkout, go ahead and navigate to your shopping cart where there should be a spot to insert your promo code and update your total. Don’t forget, if you have any trouble just shoot us an email and we’ll fix you right up.

All of our sizes and pricing should be visible to the right-hand side of each listing page; right under the title but just in case, for some reason, your screen looks different than ours, here are the sizes and prices just for you.

4′ x 4′ – $45.00
4′ x 5′ – $65.00
4′ x 6′ – $85.00
4′ x 7′ – $105.00
4′ x 8′ – $125.00
4′ x 10′ – $145.00


2′ x 3′ – $25.00
3′ x 3′ – $35.00
4′ x 5′ – $50.00
5′ x 5′ – $60.00
6′ x 4′ – $65.00
7′ x 7′ – $105.00
7′ x 8′ – $125.00
8′ x 8′ – $145.00
8′ x 9′ – $155.00
9′ x 9′ – $165.00
10′ x 10′ – $195.00
10′ x 12′ – $225.00
10′ x 20′ -$325.00

** These prices do not reflect shipping costs. **

If you’d like a size different than the ones listed above, just shoot us a message and we will do our very best to accommodate!

Oh is this ever a popular question. Unfortunately, this is a question that we can’t necessarily answer for you. What we can do, however, is reference this awesome little Size Guide that we have to hopefully HELP you decide which photography backdrop will work best for you.

Drops & Props Size Guide

There are several ways to hang a photography backdrop. The three most popular are:

1. Backdrop Clamps are one of the most popular ways to hang Photography Backdrops.

How To Hang A Photography Backdrop

2. Pole Pockets are another great way to hang your Photography Backdrop. Each of our listings has the option to add a pole pocket.

How to Hang a Photography Backdrop

3. Grommets, although not one of the more ‘professional’ ways to hang your backdrop, are great for a quick fix if you are using your Photography Backdrop as the background of a candy table or the like. You can add grommets to any order for free by including the request in the order notes.

How To Hang A Photography Backdrop


By all means, drop us a line. We’re usually pretty good about responding in a timely manner. No, but seriously, we will respond to your questions as fast as humanly possible.

Well, here’s the thing, you really should be absolutely sure your order is correct before submitting. Our ordering process online is automated and your order is received by us as soon as you complete the checkout process. Once we receive your order, your backdrops are prepped and sent to the printer – this is a nearly immediate process. So go ahead and double check before you hit that ‘confirm’ button.

We most certainly do! If you are looking for a special (or strange) photography backdrop that we don’t happen to have in our store, shoot us a quick email and we’ll do our very best to accommodate!